5 Betting Companies Sponsoring 7 La Liga Clubs

The Spanish government plans to ban the cooperation of sports clubs with gambling companies from next season. As a consequence, La Liga will lose up to 90 million euros in revenue.

The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs as the party authorized to regulate this matter emphasized that the deadline for writing gambling companies on jerseys is when La Liga 2020/2021 ends. There is zero tolerance for those who try to break the regulation.

“The government has decided that there will be no transitional period. Everything is final and will take effect immediately without exception,” said Minister of State for Consumer Affairs of Spain, Alberto Garzon, quoted by Sports Pro Media.

Despite supporting the government, La Liga has a different opinion. The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, proposed a transition so that clubs have preparations to separate themselves from gambling companies, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This transitional period lasts 3 years until the end of the 2023/2024 season. The reason is, this concerns the kitchen aasp of a number of clubs.

“The goal of this transition period is so that clubs have enough time to adapt to breaking away from working with gambling companies. This is because this is not an easy job and all clubs can do it in a short time,” said Tebas.

For Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and several other clubs, the ban did not have a big impact. El Barca is sponsored by Rakuten, El Real collaborates with Fly Emirates, and El Atleti owns Plus500. Rakuten is an e-commerce company, Flay Emirates (aviation) and Plus500 (investment).

However, for the other 7 clubs, this will be a serious problem. They are La Liga clubs that have received funding from 5 gambling companies, namely:

1. Betway (Deportivo Alaves, Levante, Real Betis)

The Betway Group is a global online betting company with brands such as Betway Sportsbook, Casino, Vegas, Bingo, and Betway Poker. Betway operates across all regulated and licensed online marketplaces in the UK, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal.

The company is based in Guernsey and Malta with support from Cape Town, London, and the Isle of Man. Betway is a member of the Association of Online Gambling, European Sports Safety Association, and Association of Independent Gambling and is accredited by the international testing agency eCOGRA.

Betway partners with the Professional Players Association, which promotes, protects, and develops the collective interests of professional sportsmen in the UK. Betway is also a supporter of the Responsible Gambling Trust.

In La Liga, Betway cooperates with three clubs at once, namely Deportivo Alaves, Levante, and Real Betis with quite a large amount. They also sponsor Leganes in the Segunda Division and West Ham United in the Premier League. Betway is also a co-sponsor of Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga.

2. Dafabet (Cadiz)

Dafabet is a global online gambling company based in Makati City, Philippines. Founded in 2004, Dafabet has expanded to Europe. In 2011, they made Alan Shearer their brand ambassador.

It was from there that Dafabet touched football clubs on the Blue Continent. Blackburn Rovers, Burnley and Sunderland became English clubs that fell into their arms. Then, Glasgow Celtic in Scotland. Furthermore, Fulham da Norwich City also entered into a sponsorship partnership with Dafabet. Meanwhile, in La Liga, Cadiz is the only club they support.

“We are pleased with the agreement with a historic club that has a great reputation and tradition. This signature is one of the first steps to consolidate our brand in the Spanish market and establish relationships with La Liga fans,” said Dafabet CEO, Dimitris Karatzas, quoted by Marca.

3. Winamax (Granada)

Winamax is an online poker and gambling game company based in Paris, France, and founded by Patrick Bruel, Nicole Junkermann, Alexandre Roos, Christophe Schaming, and Alex Dreyfus. They claim to have millions of fans from around the world.

Having been a co-sponsor of Olympique Marseille and Girondins Bordeaux in Ligue 1, Winamax decided to work with Granada from 2019 to 2023. However, with the regulations set by the Spanish Government, El Grana seems to have to end the partnership with Winamax ahead of schedule.

Sponsoring 7 La Liga Clubs

4. MarathonBet (Sevilla)

MarathonBet is a gambling company founded in Russia in 1997. Over time, MarathonBet has not only operated in the former Soviet Union countries, but also throughout the world. Currently, they have London, England, as their corporate headquarters.

MarathonBet is the official training shirt sponsor of Manchester City in 2018/2019. Now, they are Sevilla’s main supporters. The collaboration started last year and will last until 2020.

“In line with Seville’s international growth project, it is important for us to associate our brand with a major international company like MarathonBet. This 2-year sponsorship deal is an important step for us. We believe our relationship will be very fruitful. Betting on MarathonBet for Sevilla will be a total success, ” said the chairman of the club, Jose Castro, on the official website of Los Rojiblancos.

The financial support from MarathonBet really makes Sevilla a scary team. The proof, last season the Andalucia club won the Europa League after beating Inter Milan in the top match.

5. Bwin (Valencia)

Bwin is a gambling company from Austria that was founded in 1997. As a pioneer of online football gambling, Bwin has a very large income and continues to increase every year. In 2009, Bwin had a net income of up to 423.1 million euros.

The popularity was gained because Bwin had sponsored many big European clubs. Call it Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, to AC Milan. They also once supported the Portuguese Cup with the label Bwin Cup. They also support Serie B in Italy. So did the 2006 FIBA ​​European and World Basketball Championships and MotoGP in Estoril and Brno.

For this season in La Liga, Bwin is still supporting Valencia. The 3-year collaboration began at the start of the 2019/2020 season. But, with the policy of the Spanish Government, Valencia was forced to break up with Bwin at the end of this season.

“Bwin is a leader in their sector and sets the benchmark for their technological innovation, transparency, and dynamism. Valencia shares this virtue and I am sure that strengthening this alliance will be of great benefit to both parties. We hope to make history together,” Mestalla Bat president Anil Murthy said on the club’s official website.

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Types of Online Soccer Bet Games

The soccer gambling game is one of the games that can get profits in a fast time, don’t be surprised if many players bet on football to get quick and instant profits, even though if we look at the future soccer gambling games can be used as business land, trading land in the future. soccer gambling game in the form of investment.

Types of Online Football Gambling Games


Handicap soccer betting

Handicap soccer betting is generally played by only a few people. For those who don’t want to have trouble playing soccer gambling, then this type of game is the most suitable game for you to play. It’s only enough to support one soccer team that you think will win the game, this game is already very common to play.

Over Under

This type of over-under bet includes a soccer betting game that is very easy to play. Only by guessing that it is bigger or smaller than the number of goals for the 2 teams that have been determined by the soccer bookies. For example, the soccer bookie gives 2 goals for the game, so you only have to guess whether it is smaller than 2 goals or greater than 2 goals.

Half time and full time soccer betting

Types of Betting Full time soccer betting is more or less the same as the handicap bet that we explained above, but you can also follow bets in the middle of the match (Half Time). That’s about half time, meaning that you play half a game in a football match. Usually people refer to it as playing street ball, and it is easier to predict.

Mix Parlay

This type of soccer betting is the king of prizes from all types of online soccer betting. You only need to choose a minimum of 3 teams and a maximum of 13 teams as you predict. To get a big prize, the soccer teams that you have determined must win the match, if only one team loses, you will be considered disqualified. The more teams you choose, the bigger the prize. But this game is not easy to win, if you manage to win the game you will get big prizes.

Odd Even Betting

This type of game is so easy to play, you only need to guess the final score of one soccer game. You just have to guess in an odd or even way, the choice of this game, namely ODD means odd, and EVEN means even. So you only need to guess the result of the match is odd or even, the match is so simple to play.

Outright Soccer Betting

This type of outright soccer bet includes an easy game to play. Your job here is only to guess which team will win the match. But this game will not be easy to get, because this game only exists in big games such as the Champions League, Premier League, and others that include big teams.


The soccer bets above are several types of games that you can play online. You cannot find the above types of soccer bets at land soccer gambling agents, therefore there are advantages and benefits that you can get in playing online soccer gambling.…Continue readingTypes of Online Soccer Bet Games